🎨✨ Young, enthusiastic graphic designer seeking opportunities to amplify skills in the design realm. 💡 Passionate about applying design principles to genuinely benefit people. 💻🌐 Proficient in crafting interactive websites, curating brand experiences, and designing print materials.

🚀🔍 Driven by a problem-solving mindset, I thrive on learning new skills and embracing fresh challenges. 🌱🔧 Entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, constantly seeking growth both personally and professionally. 📚🌌 Committed to expanding knowledge and pushing creative boundaries.

🤝 Collaborated with esteemed companies like Blenheim Chalcot↗︎ and ASR Media Pro↗︎. 🗽 Previously, honed skills at Plus 1↗︎ in New York, as well as at Bokaap Design↗︎ and IdeaSpice↗︎ in Mumbai, refining industry expertise.

💻🛠️ Developed this website using PHP, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript, harnessing the dynamic capabilities of Kirby CMS↗︎ for engaging user experiences. 👩‍💻🔗 Explore my coding prowess on GitHub↗︎.